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Former Senior Banker TD Canada Trust
Award-winning Entrepreneur in Real Estate
Graduate of Grant MacEwan University in Business Management
Paul Falkowski is a small business coach in the Edmonton area who helps sole proprietor’s and small businesses stay on task and capitalize their cash flows. Paul helps small business with the transition problems of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He started his coaching business in 2017, helping real estate investors prioritize systems, raising capital and focusing on front running problems before they develop. One of Paul’s great skills is to think ahead and have strategies ready to leverage when things go sideways.

Prior to coaching, Paul began in the banking industry with Canada Trust (now TD Canada Trust) working his way to Senior Financial Planner and managing mortgage financing, secured lending and investment portfolios. In 2000, Paul decided to transition into real estate investment as his new venture. Over first few years Paul was awarded Top Ten Real Estate Investor in Edmonton for 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and was one of the featured stories in the book “51 Success Stories from Canadian Real Estate Investors” Along with the 2006 Top Commercial Project in Canada for the innovative approach to the design & construction.

Through 2007, Paul sold off his real estate holdings of over 80 rental properties before the financial market collapse of 2008. One of the things Paul is credited with saying “always look ahead, just over the horizon and prepare for what might come because when crisis hits you will need several plans ready to go.” This sage planning helped save his own business along with investors from major loses and collapse. Paul’s extensive experience and knowledge ended up helping many other investors navigate through those troubling times.

After real estate investing Paul decided to leave business behind and focus on family and health. Now in the new decade, Paul has teamed up with Mitch Cammidge Coaching (MCC) adding Mitches 10+ years of business coaching using the MCC 4-Block Business System, MCC savage in marketing and the MCC strategic planner. With Mitch’s experience of helping over 350+ businesses and generate over 1.2 Billion in extra cashflows it’s a great 1 – 2 combination.
Paul has a wealth of seasoned experience and knowledge to share with you on your business and get razor focused on your strategies, growth and cash flows.

Paul sat on the board of the St. Albert Affordable Housing helping to bring more rental housing to those in need and co-created a Business Mastermind Group that focuses on goals and mindset. He most recently contributed to the “The Great Councel” a bio-hacking / unlocking your potential self-help system created and run by Paul Palmer.
Paul enjoys time with his family camping, traveling and exploring new places. In his spare time snowboarding, playing hockey, weight training and reading about business and economics.

Matt Hewson

From being a solopreneur to managing hundreds of staff in multiple locations, Matt has done it all. He has been an entrepreneur for over two decades and has learned from the Titans within the industries He’s now taking the toolbox that he’s developed through hospitality, casino, marketing and business consulting and showing business operators not only how to insure success in business and life. he’s won and lost but learned and more importantly, documented and created a process that will assist in moving your business forward.

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