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Business owners have a much shorter margin for error with their work, especially since they’re making crucial decisions that will affect the company. This, and the stress of other people’s expectations, can force you to have a stressful mindset. It’s a dangerous combination that can put you on the brink of potentially losing control of your enterprise.

Hiring a business coach is a viable solution for business owners who are second-guessing their own instincts. Besides getting a professional second opinion, you will receive a fruitful learning experience that will help you face future dilemmas along with other benefits.

Even Bosses Need Mentors

Asking for help is a natural response when you find yourself stuck in a problem. Unfortunately, some people believe that a business owner’s position makes it less acceptable for you to seek out others’ suggestions. On the contrary, learning has nothing to do about being a boss or not. You will always have opportunities to get better at something when facing new challenges.

If you think you’re due to receive a business coach’s guidance, here are three warning signs you should watch out for:

1) You Start Feeling Overwhelmed More Often

It’s not uncommon for business owners to second-guess themselves when dealing with a complicated issue or a massive workload. Experiencing and getting through these rough patches is necessary if you want to develop better skill sets. However, it can be a potential red flag if you catch yourself going through these motions frequently. 

This puts you at risk of stressing even your employees. It may be time to hire a business coach if you haven’t had a break from these issues in a long while.

2) Your Results Aren’t Matching Your Expectations

A common reason why people hire business coaches is to get a professional second opinion. Running a business requires you to balance and manage different aspects of your company, such as overseeing marketing campaigns or streamlining communication processes. Although the plans you draft may seem viable on paper, these plans won’t always go as planned. This can be because you couldn’t factor in variables outside your initial scope and limitations. Having an outsider’s opinion will give you a better perspective on what you’re missing and what you should focus on.

3) You Don’t Have Anyone to Talk To

Although it can seem relatively straightforward, this simple warning sign can prevent any major problems you’ll have in the future. Discussing business matters with your friends and relatives isn’t always helpful when you’re stuck in a rut, especially if they’re not familiar with your industry. A business coach can do more than give you potential solutions to problems; they can also help you brainstorm ideas before executing full-fledged plans. By having a different perspective to question or affirm your point of view, you’ll already know how you should make the right business choices.


It’s a common misconception that business owners don’t need help or guidance. In fact, some people think that it’s a sign of weakness for CEOs to ask for help, especially from their staff. However, recognizing your strengths is just as crucial as realizing your shortcomings. For this reason, admitting that you need someone else to solve a problem will be more beneficial for you in the long-term. A business coach can help you be comfortable about recognizing and overcoming your low-points.

Seeking out a reliable and credible business consultant will do wonders for yourself and your company’s growth. We offer business coaching services in Edmonton, AB, to help you make the right choices for your career. Schedule a 30-minute strategy call with us today to learn how we can collaborate to overcome your corporate challenges!