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How does working with a coach, actually work?

Here is another piece of information to make you and your business absolutely explode. Amazing lives, extraordinary businesses, that’s what we do. Today, I’m going to talk to you about how you actually work with a coach. I’ve already addressed in a previous article, on why you would need a coach.  How do you work with a coach and specifically, what it is that everybody needs to do when they’re going to work with a coach. What you and your coach should be expected to do.

Now the biggest insight you should get today, is exactly how you should expect to get better at what it is you do. Whether you are willing to engage or not, if you engage, then you will be able to maximize the return, on working with a coach.

Key things to remember:

what to expect, how the work is done, and who’s responsible for what.

What am I responsible for?

What is my coach responsible for, for this relationship to work?

We need to know, not just why we work with a coach (which I’ve already spoken about), but how we work with a coach.

We can never do this alone.

The most successful people in the world, even the best coaches in the world, have coaches.

They have somebody else that they can go to, to get some direction. We can maximize the return of a person that we bring into our life, and help us in our business to get better.  I work with a coach, and I’ve talked about that quite a bit. His name is Keith, and he is fantastic. He keeps me organized, but, how we work is very clinical.

We meet weekly for about 30 minutes at a time, and we meet over the phone. Now, we have a very specific formula/mandate that we follow. So, how I worked with Keith when we were matched and paired together is quite simple. When I come in, I let him know what has been happening for the last week. I need to tell him where I’m at right now uniquely (for both my head and my business perspective), and then I need to tell them what’s going to happen next. He provides insight, suggestions, guidance, support and sometimes, a kick in the bottom. That’s what I get out of my relationship with Keith, but that’s how we work mechanically.

When you work with a coach, you shouldn’t expect to be passive in this relationship. You are going to be very active. The act of hiring a coach and bringing a coach, or a mentor, a consultant into you and your business needs to be a very active relationship. You should expect that you will be, of course, responsible to this person, that you will be answering to them for decisions that you and your business make.

You should expect that they will provide the best care/insight/suggestions to help you and your business to grow, moving forward. You should expect to engage, and you should also expect to be challenged quite a bit.

That last expectation is for you to be able to accelerate, be able to get those things that you want out of life, more than anything else.  So your expectations should be that there’s going to be clarity, there’s going to be accountability, and then, you’re going to put in as much work as coaches to be able to help you get further ahead.

Now, how is the work going to be done?  Perhaps it’s documents, e-mails, online forms, or templates that you’ll be filling in the information of where you are, and what the goals that you agree on with your coach. What you want to achieve next, and then, the type of work that you have to do individually as well as from a business perspective. There will be a discussion around what is going to be the best use of your time and resources for yourself, your money. The effort and the way you use time and resources to achieve what it is that you want out of this.

Here’s what accountability looks like. Here’s what I’m going to report back, how the results turned out, where I failed, of course, and then what we did to correct that and move forward again and then that way, the coach will have input and insight to help correct and help you to get what? Well, more achievement and further at it

Lastly, and this is the most important part about what it is that we do, is who’s responsible for what? What you’re responsible for and what the coach is responsible for are two very different things.

Now, ultimately, the results when you’re working with your coach are going to be because you (you two, or you three, or you and your partners, or you and your spouse), are working in collaboration with your coach. The responsibilities are very important. You’re responsible for showing up. You are responsible for bringing the right mental attitude. You’re responsible for bringing the resources in the form of your time, talent, money if you have it, and the energy to put into this.

The coach is responsible for giving you a place to be able to dump out or pour out all of the stuff that you want to do and work on. The coach is responsible for helping you to prioritize that stuff and what you want to work on and the coach is responsible for helping you to organize it so that you can do it in a timely, efficient and more importantly, a very effective manner so that you can get the results that you want. Your responsibility is for you, your energy, your time, accountability and for making a complete commitment into what it is that you and the coach agreed will be the course of action that you’re going to take. The who’s responsible for what, those steps are and what the results need to look like. The coach is going to take responsibility for seeing to it that you are maximizing your talents and getting the absolute best out of what it is that you really want in life.

To summarize it, your coach and you should expect to work collaboratively, should come together on a regular basis, and should be able to talk through very candidly about the goals that you want to set personally and professionally.

Now, what you should expect for the type of work is that you’re going to spend time together talking, organizing, planning, strategizing and then, being meticulous for what it is that you need to do next. Here’s a set of actions that I need to achieve the goal that I have for right now. Then, that coach is going to be responsible for follow-up, for holding you accountable and ultimately, for making sure that you complete these tasks, but your responsibility is to be the one actually to do it.

Coaches will not do this work for you, but they will be able to help facilitate. The outcome more than anything else for your relationship with a coach is that you achieve the absolute best results that you want in life professionally, personally, financially, and from the way your time is used in the world.

Now, if that makes a great deal of sense, then you need to find the opportunity. Again, going back to where I talked about why you should get a coach. Find somebody that fits very compatible with you and then expect that you will be meticulous in the way you organize, that you will put your information down in one place, that you will establish who’s responsible for what work and that you will take responsibility for you actually executing on that work as well.

If you do that, you are going to have a very, very rewarding relationship with a coach. You’re going to find that given weeks and months and years that go on as you professionally and personally develop, that you’re going to achieve far more than you would have when you are just alone, that right there is the largest reason why you work with a coach.

If you don’t vest to start with your personal time and energy, then the relationship will not work, but if you commit to doing the things that you lay out, and remember, these are your goals, then you will absolutely achieve everything that you want personally and professionally.

As a final thought, if you want to know how the coaching relationship works, all you have to do is click the link below or come to my website, and you’ll find that information at the bottom. Click. You can book a free 30-minute session where we will experience together that very first time that you work with a coach.

I hope that you are going to have an outstanding and a fantastic day, that you’re going to have a lovely week, that you and your family are full of love and more than anything else, that you get everything in this world that has to do with the success that you professionally and personally deserve.