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I’m talking to you about proximity. Get better business friends, alright?

Proximity is a simple principle, and it’s one of the cornerstones for business owners. You need two things as a business owner to succeed:

Proximity and Mentorship.

You’ve heard about this, we’ve talked about mentorship or coaching already, but this is proximity.

What is proximity?

Proximity to other people on the same mission as you. It’s a fancy way of saying, as a business owner you need other business owners that are working their butts off trying to succeed. Why do you want these guys together? Why do you want these men and women that are also in this?

Proximity to other people on the same mission as you is a proven part of successful business. The more that business owners who are driven, who want to succeed, and who know, long-term, their head is going to be in the game, when you put them together in a room, a funny thing happens.

They start to leverage each other. Owners and leaders surround themselves with other people psychologically, socially, mentally, physically, perform better and get ahead faster. Cash flow improves, business succeeds and grow and guess what? You get what you want out of it.

The best example of proximity is every major networking group, but more importantly, mastermind group out there in the world. When you put business owners who have a mission mandated by the kind of organization that they’re in to help and support each other, they tend to have better longevity, and they tend to be the more successful businesses. You need that for your business. Let’s make it real simple. You need a group. You need a group of business owners that you can get into that you can talk to about what’s going on in your business, talk about the challenges you’re facing. Get advice from other business owners that have been there and done that, and to people to give back towards them as well.

Seems like a strange thing.

You might say to yourself, “well Mitch; I got lots of success, I don’t need other people”. Or “Mitch, I don’t want to expose myself and share all of my problems with other people”. You will be surprised in a group setting, particularly a Mastermind, if you ask about common problems. Who’s got problems with cash flow? Who has problems accessing, finding or keeping really good people? Who has problems finding more business? Who doesn’t have a really solid plan for their business? How many hands get put up in the air? So you need a group so that you can leverage those people, you can get to know those people, and all of you are marching together off towards success with your businesses. You’ll be able to develop skills. You’ll be able to provide insights and gain insight. You’ll leverage, of course, them and their networks.

They’ll be able to do the same with you of course, right? Because you’re together, you will also be tying your success to each other as well, which means that you’re not going want to fail, or now you’ve got an impetus to carry through on things that you commit to when you do it out loud.

If I say to a group of people,” I’m going to do this in 2018”, and in front of an entire group I make a commitment, you bet I might fail at doing that, but I will certainly work my butt off to try and succeed. And if I say it in front of a group, there are people in that group that will hold me accountable. They’re going to check on me regularly, and, if I’m smart, I’m going leverage them to help me succeed if I’m having challenges or difficulty in being able to succeed in what it is I want to do.

Here’s the third part you need to pay attention to…

The better the group, the faster the results come. Don’t just find any group of people. You’re going to need people from all over the place. You’re going to need people that are in smaller businesses, bigger businesses, have been around longer, have been around shorter, slightly larger than yours, slightly smaller than yours. For groups to truly succeed, you need interaction, and you need a variety of people in that group.

Most importantly, you need people that are driven.

If your group is an entire group of people, and let’s not beat around the bush here, that are always wondering why the roof falls in on them, probably not going be supportive and help your business. But if you’re in a group full of people, even if they’re frustrated because they don’t have the answers but know that they can win and succeed… That’s the kind of group that will help you get further faster because of all of you, more than one person in a room, is smarter than an individual.

Ten people in a room, far smarter than the ten people on their own, right? Make sense?

So get a group together, make it quick, and a mastermind group will help more than anything else. You know what a mastermind group is? You need to Google it and look it up. Proximity, get better business friends. Get your business ahead, and if you want to know about a mastermind, you need to drop me a message.

Come and find me,

Drop me a message, and I have two mastermind groups that I have working right now. One for solopreneurs, in other words, those people that like to work just by themselves, for themselves, alright?

And small business owners between two and ten employees. I’m building mastermind groups all the time. We can find a group that’s a great fit for you. You can leverage them, learn how to leverage them, learn how they can leverage you, how you can all get better and get coaching as well. Mentorship on top of the proximity from me.

Have an awesome day, I look forward to seeing you soon and reach out and talk to me about the mastermind. Get it together for yourself. Proximity. Get better business friends.

Have a great day.