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Business coaching is a vital aspect of being successful in the commercial world, especially if you want to have a sustainable enterprise. The problem is if you don’t know the latest trends in coaching and consulting, you can easily fall behind and miss out on the valuable information you need. It’s even more important nowadays, as many companies undergo the challenges of the global pandemic and its economic implications. Fortunately, you have the chance to overcome these.

This article will discuss three significant coaching trends to watch out for in 2021. Take this as your opportunity to start fresh and be open to new ventures. This way, you can pull through to access ways to boost productivity and recover losses from the previous business quarters.

Trend #1: Virtual Coaching May Continue to Shine, but Hybrid Events May Also Be Considered

You may already have experienced business coaching through video conferencing and webinars, which are the two most preferred tools of most professional business consulting companies. But since significant changes are taking place like most countries have mass vaccination drives, it’s possible that more entrepreneurs will be encouraged to meet face-to-face but will be required to follow the proper health guidelines. As a result, you can expect hybrid events to happen.

By incorporating video conferencing with limited participants in an open venue, hybrid events may be something you can look forward to, especially during the latter half of this year. It means you can expect networking, more intentional coaching sessions, and a mix of other perks with in-person meetings. This way, you can gain the well-thought-out advice you need to bolster your business’s operations and streamline the process of acquiring your products and services.

Trend #2: Niche Business Coaching Services Will Be More Preferred

Due to the uncertainties and peril brought about by the global pandemic, many established businesses had to uproot their operations and file for bankruptcy. It is a clear indication that nothing is set in stone, and your business needs to do what it can to prepare. Because of this, many of the clients for business coaching want more results-based, personalized niche coaching. It means we can say goodbye to generalist coaches who don’t provide real, market research-driven advice to their clients.

In the long run, niche coaching can be considered the gold standard for business consultants. It means while you can expect more coaches to put more thought into their services, you also have to be willing to support high-quality coaching. As such, be prepared to pay for what you need while thinking about the long-term, investment-defining qualities of your chosen coaching program.

Trend #3: More Automation and Delegation Solutions Will Be Referred to by Business Coaches

Technology became fully realized as a valuable resource in recent years due to community lockdowns, and most businesses were operating through a remote work setup. Thus, most entrepreneurs with one-person operations suffered due to the lack of workforce and assets to meet customers’ demands. As such, you can expect more business coaches to refer to automation and delegation solutions, like outsourcing social media management and customer service.


Business coaching continues to be at the forefront of many entrepreneurs’ minds. Now, you have a better understanding of what to expect. You just need to find the right coaches to help you. Remember all the previously mentioned trends and look forward to a brighter future for your business!

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