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As a growing entrepreneur, it can be quite tempting to follow a whole independence-focused mindset because of how well it pads a success story or how it makes milestones feel more fulfilling. However, the problem with such a mindset is that the business world strictly follows a “no-man-is-an-island” approach. This is essentially why you must realize the value of helping hands as you grow. 

Whether you’re a few years deep into your entrepreneurship journey or just barely into your first month, a valuable lesson that you’ll need to learn is that you can’t build an empire on your own. If you take all the success stories of the world’s leading businesses and dissect them, you will quickly learn that each successful pioneer or industry leader relied on a team to get to where they are now. Whether it’s Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, Jack Ma’s Alibaba, Bill Gates’ Microsoft, or Elon Musk’s Tesla, any big business couldn’t have been what it is today without the presence of teamwork.

In fact, from assistants and consultants to bottom-line workers and outsourced help, the number of extra hands needed to scale and grow is usually more than beginning entrepreneurs expect. When it comes to understanding the value of getting extra help, it’s important to know that assistance can go far beyond your company’s mere technical parts, which is where business coaches come in.

The Value of Enlisting a Business Coach’s Services

Although such services have been around, business coaching has come to light in recent years, thanks to the tremendous difference that their constituents have been able to make.

Today, business coaches have become a more vital resource and investment for growing entrepreneurs because of the need for proper guidance amid an increasingly-arbitrary marketing landscape. With the future being unpredictable (with COVID-19’s impact being a prime example), it is valuable to have a helping hand that will navigate an entrepreneur to success.

If you aren’t convinced as to why you should hire a business coach to guide you along the path to entrepreneurship, these compelling reasons may shed more light on the value of doing so: 

1) You Will Have a Much Easier Time Focusing on What Matters

As a budding entrepreneur, it can be quite easy to feel flustered with the array of different tasks and details that you’ll need to take care of as you learn about running a business. However, many of the factors that you can end up drowning in aren’t exactly bits and pieces that you should sweat over, which is why you must have a business coach.

When you have a coach by your side, it becomes easier to focus on the matters of your start-up that actually have a say in your success because they will help you sift through everything on your plate. Once you have a firm understanding of what tasks matter most for your success (and which ones don’t), it will be easier to recalibrate your focus for attaining your set goals!

2) You Will Learn to Maximize Your Business’s Potential

Compared to business mentors, business coaches are focused on bringing the best out of a business than the person running the whole show, meaning that growth and success will come faster.

With the help of a coach—such as Mitch Cammidge—you won’t need to go through unnecessary trial-and-error experiences or “self-growth” reflections because you’ll work together on refining your operations. Through proven methods and expertise, you can fine-tune your business to become as effective, efficient, and productive as possible while expanding your start-up’s strengths! 


As an entrepreneur, you’re most likely familiar with the fact that success will only come your way once you understand the value of having helping hands and building your team for success. Although having extra team members and strategists are great for attaining success, having a business coach by your side will make a tremendous difference in your trajectory towards success. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to hire one!

Succeeding as a business owner is a goal that can be best achieved with the help of a business coach in Edmonton, AB, which is where the professionals from Mitch Cammidge come in. If you want to learn more about how we can help your business reach greater heights, feel free to send us an email today so that we can get you started right away!